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D. Brent Walton is Wayne County's ONLY
Photographic Craftsman!

The Art and Photography of D. Brent Walton

Attention:  This isn't a business, so don't bother trying to contact me about our SEO, Google Listing, business loans, credit card offers, credit card processing, etc., because I'll just jerk your chain and waste your time and then report you to the authorities for not checking the Do Not Call Registry.

Please read in our About Section .

D. Brent Walton is a Photographic Craftsman.   He has now retired due to a medical condition.  See the About Section.

It has been a fun and exciting 18 1/2 years, but all good things must come to an end.  Brent is no longer doing business, but his website will remain active to showcase his work from the past until such time he deems it unnecessary.  

Here are a few answers to questions we anticipate:

Q.  Will you still be doing portraits?
A.  No, I will not.  My condition means an early medical retirement/disability.  I will, however, make referrals to well trusted colleagues.
Q.  What about weddings and events?
A.  No.  I will, however, point you to one of our PPA colleagues whom we trust and respect their work.
Q.  Are you available to speak at PPA affiliate meetings or photography events?
A.  Unfortunately, no.  Part of my disability is that my vocal cords become paralyzed making it nearly impossible to do any speaking engagements.  Plus, the stress involved aggravates my other symptoms.
Q.  Why the the change?
A.  See our About Section.

Located in Palmyra, New York, Wayne County.  We are a short drive from Macedon, Newark, Lyons, Penfield, Walworth, Williamson, Webster, Rochester, Victor, Pittsford, Canandaigua and other cities and towns in Wayne, Ontario and Monroe Counties.

Click here to read about our 2017 (before Brent took ill) road trip down Historic Route 66!!! 
It was a 30 day adventure and you can read about it here:
  Route 66 Photographers




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