Photographs get damaged over time.  Folds, tears, mildew, cuts, getting stuck the glass, and many more things can ruin a cherished old photograph. 

We will restore them for you.  As an artist, D. Brent Walton, can turn that damaged photograph in to a new print that, if displayed properly, will last another 100 years or more.

Our pricing on photo restoration is based by the minute (minimum restoration fee is $60 + media or print purchase).  We will give you a good-faith quote as to how long we believe it will take us to restore it, and we will e-mail proofs for approval.    An 8x10 with moderate damage can take 60-90 minutes of work.  Once restored, you have the option of (a) receiving the file on a USB drive ($25+cost of the media), (b) receiving the file via download ($25 and must be downloaded within 30-days), or (c) purchasing a hand-printed professional quality print which will include the digital download.

Note:  For large quantities of restoration work or photos that are in a fragile, please contact us.  If the work is too vast, or too fragile to bring to our studio, we can arrange to bring our equipment to your location.

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