Grandma's Attic and Rustic Cabin

This is another prop set that is extremely versatile.    It can be a rustic shack, shed or an attic room.  It can also be a fishing or boat pier.  It is sturdy, but at the same time, it can be moved by one person. These are not made any more.

Our studio business is shifting.  For this reason, we are selling it.

Sale Price:  $2499.99
Original Price:  Over $5000.00


It includes:

  • Two Floor pieces - when used by themselves they form a pier/dock.  The one is 5'x3'x1', the other is the same with posts that are on the one side extending it about 3".
  • One small pier - about 3'x2'x1' with posts on boths sides (3' side)
  • One wall piece with a door opening - 5' tall by 47" wide
  • One wall piece with a window opening - 5' tall by 47" wide
  • One window pane
  • One door
  • One 3 post prop that looks like three piers together.

All pieces are made from EPS and are coated and painted to look like rustic wood. ( Can be retouched or repainted with standard latex house paints.)

Pieces can be arranged in several configurations.  Examples:  

  • Both floors together to form a 10' long, 3' wide dock.
  • Add the walls to the above to form a long wall with a door and window
  • Both floors side by side to form a 5'x6' platform
  • Add the walls to the above at right-angles to form interior corner a room, or from the outside, an external corner of a building
  • Each section can be used independently as a posing prop

Suggested uses:

  • Studio prop set for children (with walls) or children-adults (floor pieces only)
  • Outdoor prop set for children (with walls) or children-adults (floor pieces only)
  • Individual pieces for posing props (example:  adult sitting on a dock/pier)
  • Walls as a background (adults or children)
  • Retail product display (example:  Sporting goods store using it to display fishing or boating equipment)
  • Yard decor near a water feature like a koi pond

We don't have a lot of pictures of the pieces individually, but will post them as they are made available.


  • Payment upon order
  • Shipping not included and is the responsibility of the purchaser.  We will work with the shipping company to assure the product is ready for shipping.
  • NOTE:  On Shipping, check the will-call option.  Again, shipping is YOUR responsibility to arrange due to the size of this item.
  • Must be purchased as a complete set.  Individual parts not sold separately.
There is a minimum quantity requirement of 1
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