Mentoring Services

Owner, D. Brent Walton, is a Photographic Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer.    Brent was an associate professor at Golden Gate University back in the late 1980s, and still loves teaching.

For those who want some individualized, specialized instruction, here are your options:

  • One-on-One 2 hour instruction block: $150

  • One-on-One 3 hour instruction block: $200

  • One-on-One 4 hour instruction block: $250

  • Image evaluation, 1 image, via telephone conference:  $25 (15 min.)

  • Image evaluation, 2 images, via telephone conference: $45 (30 min.)

  • Image evaluation, 3 images, via telephone conference: $65 (45 min.)

  • Image evaluation, 4 images, via telephone conference: $80 (60 min.)

  • Private Phone Consultation:  $80 (60 min.)

The One-on-One sessions are based on your being taught/tutored at our studio in Palmyra, New York, or via telephone conference.  If Brent comes to your location, you will be charged for travel time.

One-on-one sessions may be about workflow (Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.), camera operations and settings, studio lighting, on-location lighting, posing, etc.  Once you've paid for your block of time, you can e-mail me letting me know what you want to accomplish in your session.

The image evaluation is useful if you are planning to enter print competition and are looking for advice.   It is also useful if you are just starting out and would like some candid feedback as to how your work is doing.

Image evaluation/review will require that you e-mail me a link to your image, or a jpeg (sized 4000 px on the largest size, quality 10) after you have made your payment.  Within 3 working days, I will review your image and e-mail you back with a choice of 3 appointment options.  Once you select which appointment option works for your schedule, I will call you at the appointed time and in referencing the PPA 12 Elements of a Merit Print I will explain to you what works (and if not up to standard, what doesn't work).  I will also make recommendations.

Finally, a private phone consultation is $80/hour.  During this session you can ask business questions, advice, etc.  You can pick Brent's brain about any business or photography related topic.

One-on-One, face-to-face training.
One-on-one, face-to-face training.
One-on-one, face-to-face training.

Image Consultation

Phone consultation regarding a specific image.

Private Phone Consultation

Private phone consultation. It can be about marketing, images, sales, Photoshop, Painter, etc. Time must be paid for per call. Thus, you cannot pay for a 2 hour call and break the two hours in to two calls.
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