Rare Mindinaar Prop Set


This is a Mindinaar Prop Set originally manufactured by Scenic Designs out of Murray, Utah.  They sold out to Denny Manufacturing and when they did, all of their roto-cast props became collector's items.  There were only a handful of these built, and each one was hand painted and colors chosen by the buyer.  Thus, each one is unique.

Text Description:

This set consist of the following pieces:

  • Side wall base (left/right)
  • Side wall base (right/left)
  • Side wall (left/right)
  • Side wall (right/left)
  • Top arch
  • Large door
  • (2) columns

The set can be assembled in several ways.  When fully assembled, it is about 12' x 8' x 2'.  Each piece is light enough that it can be moved by one person, however, the three largest pieces (sidewalls and arch) are big and bulky are best moved with two people.

Here are some of the ways it can be assembled, but you can also use individual pieces as single props too.

  • Fully assembled as a castle (with or without door)
  • Fully assembled as a house-in-a-tree (with or without door)
  • Without the door and wall bases for a short castle (small child size)
  • Without the door and wall bases for a short house-in-a-tree
  • Either side wall as a posing wall
  • Stacking the two wall bases to form a short wall for seated poses
  • Etc.


Pieces can be stacked and stored quite compactly.  Approximately a  6' wide by 4' deep area can contain all of the pieces if stacked tightly together.


This set was roto-cast with an acrylic outer shell and backed with polyurethane foam.  The outside was then painted with latex paint.  Thus, it can be used outdoors (I wouldn't recommend storing it outside however), it can be painted, re-painted, repaired with epoxy, sanded, etc.  It is durable (but not indestructible).

The large pieces have 2" breathing holes.  Otherwise, trapped air inside would cause expanding and contraction.  The holes are on the bottom and do not show.

Terms of Sale:

Full payment due upon purchase.  Because of the value of this set, payment must be done in cash or bank transfer.  We will not provide routing information directly to the buyer.  We will go to our local bank, and they will contact your bank to assure all transactions are not fraudulent.  (Think of it like buying a car from an individual whom you don't know.)

We will accept installment payments, monthly, up to 4 months, for the amount of $1500/month for four months.  Product will not be released until the final payment is made.  If, during that time you default on a payment, stop payment, or cancel your order, you will be refunded your payments less a processing/cancelation fee as follows:

  • cancellation after 1st payment $500 fee
  • cancellation after 2nd payment $700 fee
  • cancellation after 3rd payment $1000 fee
  • no cancellation can be made after 4th and final payment

Buyer assumes responsibility for removal from my location and shipment to your location.  This includes packing, if necessary.  (There are trucking and moving companies that will come, pack and ship.)  We will make reasonable accommodations to be here when the pickup is scheduled.

Once payment is made in full, we will store the set up to 30 days while you arrange to have it shipped or come and pick it up.  After that, we will charge $5/day for storage.

No refunds once purchased.  All sales final.  You agree to no cooling off period.

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