Route 66 Flat Stanley

We will take your Flat Stanley on Route 66 with us.  To do this, you must do the following:

  1. Sponsor us for a minimum of $100
  2. Print a Flat Stanley (many templates available on-line - click here to see), color him (or her... we don't discriminate)
  3. Send us your Flat Stanley along with a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE)

Here is what we will do...

  1. We will only accept 7 Flat Stanley's - one for each day, Sunday through Saturday.
  2. On your Stanley's day will will take a picture of Stanley wherever we are that day.
  3. We will post the picture of YOUR Stanley on our Facebook page and in our blog that day.
  4. When we complete our trip, your SASE will be mailed from the nearest mailbox we find at the western terminus of Route 66.

Wouldn't this be a cool gift for a grandchild, someone you miss, someone who needs a little extra love and attention, or just to get noticed?


  1. We will not accept Flat Stanley's without meeting the sponsorship requirement of $100 (minimum).
  2. Flat Stanley must be tastefully clothed (no exposed body parts between the shoulders and the knees).
  3. Flat Stanley cannot have an text or markings on him except for the following:  Route 66 sign, the text, "US Route 66" or "Route 66" or "US 66".
  4. If you don't include a SASE your Flat Stanley cannot be returned.
  5. We cannot take requests for where and when we will photograph Flat Stanley.  (i.e. You may not ask for a photo of him by the Grand Canyon, or in Winslow, Arizona, etc.)
  6. Please write your contact information on the back of your Flat Stanley.
  7. Your Flat Stanley must be no taller than 11" or wider than 8.5" and no thicker than 1/8th of an inch.
  8. We cannot guarantee Stanley will be 100% protected by the elements.  We will do all we can to protect him/her from rain, dust and wind, but he will be exposed to the elements.  He may return as a well seasoned traveler.

For in-kind sponsorships, please visit http://www.route66photographers.com/sponsorships.

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Sponsorship Levels

The base sponsorship is $100. That includes 1 mention on social media during the Route 66 2017 Tour. ($200 will be 2 mentions, $300, 3 mentions, etc.)

Here are additional cash sponsorships. For in-kind sponsorships, please contact us directly.
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