Zeiss Touit 50mm f2.8 Macro

I have in my possession a Zeiss Touit 50mm f2.8 Macro for the Fujifilm X-mount cameras. Rumor is both it and Fujifilm lenses are made in the same factory. It’s a believable rumor when you see the quality of both side by side.

Still Loving My X-T1

I’m still loving my X-T1. This Fujifilm MILC is an amazing camera. While you can buy a X-T2, the X-T1 is still sold.

I know of at least two friends who took my advice about Fujifilm. One bought the X-T1, and loves it. The other didn’t have it in his budget, so he went with the X-T1-lite (aka X-T10) and loves it.

Digital Asset Management

Because digital photography is what we do, and because our customers often ask for digital files, we added new service. Digital Asset Management is our new offering.


We are all about lighting. A poorly lit portrait won’t have the “wow” factor. I will demonstrate.