I’ve said it before, you want a portrait to be timeless.  Many photographers these days don’t know what that means, so you want to hire one who does.  A timeless photograph doesn’t date itself.

I see pictures posted of portraits done with Instagram filters.  Oh, how dated those are going to be in 20 years.  For me, it is like looking back at the wedding shot overlaid on a champaign glass.  I see it and think, “That’s so 1970s.”

Likewise, you don’t want someone looking at your senior portrait saying, “That’s so twenty-seventeen.”

copyright 2017 db walton
A Timeless Portrait

What Year?

When you look at the above portrait, can you tell simply by looking what year it was taken?

Of course not, and that’s what being timeless is all about.  The young lady’s clothes don’t even give the year away.  This picture could have been taken in 1980, 1980, 2000, 2010 or even yesterday.  The point is, you can’t tell, and that is GOOD.

We’re All About That

We’re all about that.  We’re about not dating ourselves through our photos and techniques.

Yes, we keep up with the times, but we work hard to make your portrait one that will remain on the wall for decades.

Let us create an heirloom portrait for you.