Product Review AD200

Product Review AD200

Time to review a product again.  This time it is the AD200.  I haven’t worked with it a whole lot, but so far I am VERY impressed.

The first time I saw this was when fellow photographer and educator Michael Mowbray posted about it on Facebook.  I immediately took a look at the specifications and said, “I want one!”


Patience is a virtue, they say.  I was ready to order one, but my gut said, “Wait until you see it.”  I followed my gut.

The Workshop

Attending a Michael Mowbray workshop, I asked if he brought one.  He did.  He brought one to demo, and one still in the box.  I asked to see it.

I looked at his demo until and told him I want the one in the box.  He asked me to wait to the end of class so others can see the boxed AD200.

At the end of the workshop I bought it, a barndoor/filter kit, and an X1TC transmitter.

Using It

We used Michael’s AD200 in the workshop.  I am 100% impressed.

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I came home with my new AD200 and immediately charged the battery.  (The AD200 has a lithium ion battery pack.)  Because the battery was charging, I couldn’t do a lot with it, but here’s my summary of what I like about it…

  • Small, unique form factor.  It’s a brick with a 1/4×20 socket on the side and another on the bottom.  (It’s so compact I’d call it cute.)
  • I love that it comes with two heads:  zoom and bare bulb.
  • I love that it is NOT a speed light, but an off camera monolight.
  • It comes in a nice zipper case that protects it, the two heads, charger, light stand adaptor and battery.
  • Removing the charger from the kit leaves a perfect space for the barndoor filter kit!!!
  • The case will fit in my camera bag.  Try THAT with an Alien Bee or better, try that with a Profoto B1.
  • It has a built-in 2.4GH receiver and is fully compatible with other Godox units.
  • You can read its full specifications here.

Buying From MoLight

I’m going to plug MoLight (  You can get this light on Amazon or eBay.  I doubt you’ll find it cheaper than $299, but here’s why you should buy from MoLight:

  1. Michael stands behind what he sells.
  2. In support of item 1, Michael gives his own 1 year warranty.  (Good luck dealing with Godox in China!!!)
  3. MoLight pricing is competitive.
  4. MoLight offers training videos
  5. Michael offers e-mail support.  Can’t get something working, e-mail Michael and he answers.
  6. Michael’s a cool, all around good guy.

What’s Next

I’ve already got my order in for two more AD200s, as well as a few accessories to round out my kit.  My Godox V850s will be my go-to kit for small on-location sessions (i.e. individual, couples, small groups of 3-4 people, etc.).  My AD200 kit will be my go-to kit for on-location sessions of large groups.  (I can’t wait to do a 170 person group shot with these puppies!!!)