New F2.0 Lens

New F2.0 Lens

I received my new f2.0 lens from B&H today.  Impressively small for a “normal” lens.  I expected it to be as big as the zoom lens I broke last week.  It’s difficult to tell from photos, but this is a great size for a prime 50mm equivalent lens.


The bokeh (and the word is pronounced Bow-Kay  — like a bouquet of flowers, not Bow-ka) is beautiful.  I took it outside to play around at f2 up close and personal.  Because this is considered a “normal” lens, you see what you get.

copyright 2017 db walton - New F2.0 Lens
Bokeh of the New F2.0 Lens (processed with On1 RAW)

Auto-focus at this close at f2 can be frustrating.  I switch to manual focus and use focus peaking as a focus assist.

I’ll contrast this lens to my f2.8 lens that’s more of a 75mm equivalent.  This is a sharper lens, and a more detailed bokeh.  The 1 f-stop makes a difference.  As a result, everything is more detailed.copyright 2017 db walton

The f2.8 Lens


The new lens is faster.  Its focus speed is amazingly fast.  I took it to a dimly lit room.  The focus speed was still fast.  It didn’t have to search once.  It locks in and works even when there is little light.  Because it handles low-light well, it is a good choice for indoor ambient light situations.

copyright 2017 db walton
In a Dimly Lit Room


The verdict is I’m going to keep this lens.  Because it is a “normal” focal length, I will be using it a lot on Route 66.

Dear Lens Manufacturer:  If you want me to mention your great products, you’ve got to start returning my emails and inquiries.

Readers:  From now on, I only mention products where my company has a working relationship to the manufacturer.