Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

There is a rule in my studio.  It is called the Rule of Mutual Respect.  This is what it means…

If I ask someone to pose a certain way for a photo, and they say they don’t want to, I won’t ask again.  On the other hand, if they ask me to photograph them a certain way, and I don’t want to, they don’t ask again.

It’s a simple rule to keep both parties feeling safe.

It goes beyond this however.  Mutual respect means respecting one’s time as well as one’s talents.

Respecting One’s Time

I am always on time to a job.  In fact, I’m usually a little early to make sure I have everything I need.

Clients can show respect by being on time too.  Being 5-15 minutes early is okay, but not more than 15 minutes early.  And, if you are going to be late, call and let us know.

Cancellations by either party should be because of unforeseen events, and not a result of bad planning.  For example, injury or sudden illness are good reasons.  However, you forget it is your sister’s birthday is a poor excuse.

Respecting Talent

If you are hiring a photographer, remember you called them in the first place because you like their work.  Their results comes from years of practice, training, and education, as well as innate talent.  Their rates are to cover their cost of doing business which includes many expenses like insurance, rent, wages, equipment, software and more.  Please, respect that.

Modeling talent is to be respected too.  If a client comes to me for a 1 hour portrait session, they are going to spend a minimum of $330 (rates as of 10/12/2017).  If I offer the products and services a client would receive to a model, it is worth $330/hour.  However, if the model wants to be paid, I must respect that and pay her according to her standard rates.


Mutual respect means respecting all aspects concerning the client, model or photographer.  Be on time, respect pricing and most of all, respect a person’s wishes.