Better than a Selfie

Better than a Selfie

A professional portrait is better than a selfie if you are trying to make an impression.  Business profiles deserve the professional touch.  A selfie sends the wrong message to potential clients.

While a selfie might be okay for a timely social media post, it is not okay for your main headshot or avatar.  You want to extend a professional persona.  You don’t want to send the message that you can’t afford a decent headshot.

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Sample Headshot


Aside from Business

Aside from business, your personal image is important too.  While personal social media pages are replete with cell-phone shots taken at arm’s length, a professional portrait adds class.  People want to look classy, and that is what professional images do.

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A Classy Portrait


Creating a better self-image is part of the equation.  We work with our clients to bring out their personal beauty.  Hence, our tagline reads, “Capturing Beauty.”  It is what we do.

Types of Portraits

We offer a variety of types of portraits.  You can choose to go traditional, casual, glamours, sexy, adventurous, etc.  We work with you to figure out what works best for you.

Call us to schedule a consultation.  Call (area code 315)  226-3292.  After a short discussion over the phone, let us know when you are ready to take your portrait to the next level.