A Change is Going to Come

A Change is Going to Come

A change is going to come in 2018.  We’re in the process of doing a brand update.  We’ll still be photography by db walton llc, and our motto and trademark will still be db walton – CAPTURING BEAUTY.

Our new update is to best reflect what our specialties are.  Here’s the short-list:

  • Paintings:
    • Landscapes and Scenics (www.FineArtbyDB.com),
    • Situational Art (new),
    • Fantasy (new – our painted counterpart to Thematic photography),
    • Pulp Fiction (new – our painted counterpart to Film Noir photography),
    • Portraits (our painted counterpart to Traditional portrait photography).
  • Portraits:
    • Beauty and Glamor,
    • Film Noir,
    • Thematic,
    • Traditional (including business and entertainment headshots),
    • Lifestyle (including commercial, fashion and beauty).
  • Street and Events.

Our website will undergo a transition during this period.  We aim to make that transparent to our clients.  As a client, you will still be able to find your portraits using a password we provide.

With Change Comes Growth

With change comes growth.  My growth as an artist is your gain as a client.  Here are a few examples of what you will gain…

  • Clients will gain the ability to commission a fantasy work of art.  Imagine yourself as a king or queen, a knight, a superhero, etc.
  • Create your own pulp fiction scenario and let me bring it to life in a pulp fiction cover.
  • Let me create advertising images for your business that are more cost effective than having to hire a crew of actors, actresses and photographers.  I can produce a digital art piece that can do the job for less.

I’ll leave you to look at a couple of samples…

copyright 2018 db walton
The Race Is One – Created for Palmyra Pirate Weekend 2018


Sample of a Fantasy Theme