Character Review – Pauline

Character Review – Pauline

My character review – Pauline – is going to be the hardest to write.  Pauline comes with Poser 11.  I should say, Pauline and Pauline 2.  My review will focus mostly on Pauline 2.

There are 7 Paulines in the Poser 11 package:

  1. Pauline casual – the original Pauline character with tank top, jeans and tennis shoes and a shaggy A-cut hair style.
  2. Pauline DEV – a white, no materials figure.
  3. Original Pauline – a nude Pauline.
  4. African Pauline2 – a black version.
  5. Asian Pauline2 – an Asian version.
  6. European Pauline2 – an olive skin version.
  7. The Latest Pauline2 – the new and improved version of Pauline (visually, it looks like they made it a little more anatomically correct.)
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All 7 Versions of Pauline (African, DEV, Pauline, Pauline Casual, European, Pauline 2 and Asian)


  • Pauline has several assets available from sources other than Smith Micro (which recommends Content Paradise).  Renderosity and DAZ3D also have assets for Pauline.
  • It is included in Poser.
  • The three ethnic versions, African, Asian and European, are the best options of the seven.  They seem to look less cartoon like than the other options.


  • For an included figure, there should be more available for Pauline.  As one developer explained it to me, there isn’t a lot of demand for Pauline assets.
  • Not the most realistic bone structure for the face.
  • Rigging has some issues like Victoria 4.2 with certain positions.  Example, an elbow bent at 100-degrees doesn’t look natural.


For a “free” (included) figure, it isn’t bad.  To me, it was something to experiment with until I decided I was going to keep working with Poser.  As a result, I’ve used it a little, but not a lot.  None of the characters have striked me as something I want to include in one of my works.

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