Morph Review – Body Types for Dawn

Morph Review – Body Types for Dawn

For my first morph review, I’ve chosen Body Types for Dawn – Type-1, Type-2 and Type-3.  They are available at HiveWire3d and are all created by Ken1171 Designs.

Body types are broken down as:

  • Ectomorphs – “skinny” (Type-1)
  • Mesomorphs – “athletic” (Type-2)
  • Endomorphs – “fat retainers” (Type-3)

Basic Dawn

The basic DawnSE, as it comes from HiveWire, has the appearance of a Type-1 (in my opinion).  It doesn’t come with any mophs.  It’s just a body.

When you load the Dawn Special Edition Character, you then see a full range of morphs:  Head, expressions, face, brows, neck, chest, arms, etc.    You can pretty much manipulate these morphs in to any body (or anybody, I guess) you want.

What You Get

What you get when you purchase the Body Type-1 (or -2 or -3) is a morph with one dial.  It goes from 0 to 1 and that’s it.  Here’s the “normal” dawn and samples of each with the body type morph applied.  (Normal, Type-1, Type-2 and Type-3)






You dial the type on, or off.

You can stop in between.  Example, you dial Type-3 to 0.50 if you only want a partial effect.


So, why would you need the Type-1, Type-2 and Type-3 morphs?

Well, it’s a quick way to get from point A to point B.  The retail price is $10.95 each.  That’s nearly $33 for all three.

Is it worth it?

You decide. I waited until they went on sale and got all three for about $21.  Still, $7 each is a little steep if you ask me for a single slider that takes you from one body type to another.  If you buy all three, you end up with 3 sliders.

Personally I think you’d do well to make your own adjustments, and then save them.  Oh, and don’t mix the sliders.  The results can be hideous.

Body type-3 is the only one of the three I might end up using.  It adds weight to Dawn in a normal fashion, and because you can dial it part way, you can control how much weight you add to your Dawn character.


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