Product Review – Shadow Play Poser Lights

Shadow Play Poser Lights

As a photographer, I realize lighting is the key to a good photograph.  The same is true in the computer generated graphics world.  In fact, 3D software like DAZ and Poser can help a photographer learn more about lighting, positioning of lights, etc.  Shadow Play Poser Lights is a great intermediate tool.

Available from DAZ3D, Shadow Play Poser Lights allows you to experiment with gobos (Go Betweens, aka Cookies).  It retails for $12.95, but like most DAZ3D products, it comes on sale often.

Stock vs Lighting Packages

Both Poser and DAZ software allow you to add various lights and modify them.  Like presets for Adobe Lightroom, purchasing a package like Shadow Play provides you with a premade shortcut to achieving the desired effect.

copyright 2018 db walton
Private Eye by db walton


I love the fact that this one comes with gobos.  I find exploring these preset lights teaches me how they achieve the effects they do.  Once I’ve learned that, I can make modifications.

For example, this one comes with 16 gobos.  They are nothing more than high-contrast B&W jpegs.  Thus, it is easy to create one the same size, go in to the Materials tab of Poser, and substitute my custom made gobo.

In this case, they are 500px by 500px jpegs.  Simply fill the canvas with black, and paint with white where you want light.  Then, in Poser go to the Material tab, select Advanced, and in the Image Map change the Image_Source.  (Below, just a quick experiment using my logo as a gobo.)

copyright 2018 db walton
My Logo as a Gobo

It’s that easy.


This is a great set for anyone wanting to get started using gobos.  It’s available for both DAZ and Poser.  It comes with 16 gobo lights, as well as various presets.  For starters, you can drag the presets on to the stage.  After you get to know lighting a bit more, you can do all sorts of things with Shadow Play Lights.


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