Product Review – MDD Alexis Character

Product Review – MDD Alexis Character

I’m always looking for a good morph and textures for DAZ’s Victoria 4.2.  MDD Alexis Character is such a product.  It is available at Renderosity (click on the MDD Alexis link).

There are many times I’m disappointed in a package, but this has some unusual options which makes it worth it.  Unlike many that just have a morph and skin texture with the same ol’ makeup options, this one has some creative makeup options.

Fantasy Meets Realism

In many cases, fantasy and realism in art don’t come together.  In the case of MDD Alexis, it does.  The skin texture and tones look real.  Even the fantasy makeup options look realistic.

Then, if you want, you can morph or change colors and textures to get a different look.  In my case, I prefer to paint my 3D renders.  Here’s an example of MDD Alexis as a fairy.

copyright 2018 db walton
MDD Alexis in The Temptress pt.I


Alexis comes with three festive makeup options.  I realize that’s not a lot, but most come with your standard smokey eyes, blue, green, etc., eye shadow with black mascara and a half dozen lipstick options.

In All

In all, Alexis is one of my top 10 characters for Victoria 4.2.

Credits:  Character – DAZ3D Victoria 4.2, Morph – MDD Alexis for V4.2, Dress – DAZ3D Papillon, Wings – Faery Wings Delux, Scene – Woodland Realm Part 1, Prop – Mushroom Fairy House

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