25 Things Business Owners Do to Undermine Their Business

and How to Avoid and Correct Them

by D. Brent Walton


This book is written for all business owners by a business owner.  You will use it like a workbook as you read it, establish goals, and begin to improve your business.  You will discover it is easier than you think.  This is not a get-rich-quick book, but proven business tactics that will catapult you in to success.  This book contains proven methods to increase business.

About the author:  D. Brent Walton worked during the golden era of micro computers as a computer columnist for a San Francisco Bay Area newspaper.  From there, he spent a fruitful career in telecommunications where he invented technologies, some of which you use every day.  Now Walton spends his time doing what he loves best – creating art, public speaking and writing.    Walton services on his local Chamber of Commerce board, and is involved with several business groups.

What are you waiting for?

Order your copy today and stop missing out on business that is sitting there waiting for you.  25 Things Business Owners Do to Undermine Their Business is not a book to be ignored.  (Don’t commit number 26 – not reading this book.)

Still undecided about reading this book?

Chances are within the first day of reading this book you will find something you need to fix in your business.  Chances are, that fix will be a so simple you will say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  And, that simple fix will, in a short period of time, pay for the cost of this book.

So, again… What are you waiting for?  Order your copy today.

25 Things Business Owners Do to Undermine Their Business

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