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Why A Beginner Needs a Mannequin

Here’s why a beginning portrait photographer needs a mannequin. A mannequin is a steady, reliable subject. Just like a beginning painter needs an apple, a vase and other simple objects to sketch and paint, a new portrait photographer needs a mannequin to practice.

More Clicks

Every website owner wants more clicks. When you are selling a product or a service, you want visitors to your website to click on them. People who click on them are more likely to purchase the product or hire you for your services.


I’ve said it before, you want a portrait to be timeless. Many photographers these days don’t know what that means, so you want to hire one who does. A timeless photograph doesn’t date itself.

Zeiss Touit 50mm f2.8 Macro

I have in my possession a Zeiss Touit 50mm f2.8 Macro for the Fujifilm X-mount cameras. Rumor is both it and Fujifilm lenses are made in the same factory. It’s a believable rumor when you see the quality of both side by side.