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Product Review AD200

Time to review a product again. This time it is the AD200. I haven’t worked with it a whole lot, but so far I am VERY impressed.

The first time I saw this was when fellow photographer and educator Michael Mowbray posted about it on Facebook. I immediately took a look at the specifications and said, “I want one!”


We are all about lighting. A poorly lit portrait won’t have the “wow” factor. I will demonstrate.

Beauty Dish Complete

Beauty dish complete I am now ready to start using it in the studio. This 21″ beauty dish cost a fraction to build as what it would cost to buy a commercially made one.

Goodbye Flash

We are saying, “Goodbye flash”, in the studio. We have always been about state of the art if it improves image quality. While we will still use flash when warranted, most of the time we will be using high color-rendition-index (CRI) LED lighting.