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I’m not a huge fan of Degas, but I do like his ballerina series.  They are impressionistic and much more beautiful than most of his other work, in my opinion.  His other work seems a little dark, but his ballerinas are simply stunning.

A Change is Going to Come

A change is going to come in 2018.  We’re in the process of doing a brand update.  We’ll still be photography by db walton llc, and our motto and trademark will still be db walton – CAPTURING BEAUTY.

Selling Yourself Short

Selling yourself short is easy for us artists.  Our creations become a part of us.  It is part of our super-ego.  Thus, we are more likely to feed that super-ego than we are to think rationally.

Better than a Selfie

A professional portrait is better than a selfie if you are trying to make an impression.  Business profiles deserve the professional touch.  A selfie sends the wrong message to potential clients.