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Professional Photographer Society of New York State

Product Review AD200

Time to review a product again. This time it is the AD200. I haven’t worked with it a whole lot, but so far I am VERY impressed.

The first time I saw this was when fellow photographer and educator Michael Mowbray posted about it on Facebook. I immediately took a look at the specifications and said, “I want one!”

More Clicks

Every website owner wants more clicks. When you are selling a product or a service, you want visitors to your website to click on them. People who click on them are more likely to purchase the product or hire you for your services.

Have Fun

So many people hate getting their picture taken. Why not have fun? Getting your picture taken should be fun.

Photo to Painting

There are a lot of filters/Apps that will take a photo and make it look like a painting. But, to truly take a photo to painting you have to paint it. One is the click-of-a-button, the other is skillful talent, and time consuming.