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As an artist, there are times I paint for myself. You can say I self-commission a painting. That is exactly what I did for this one.

It all started with a desire to paint something that looks like romance novel covers. I don’t read the things, but I’ve seen some very romantic paintings on their covers.

Portable Strip Light

You’ve heard me talk about the IceLight and my under $30 substitute. Because they are LED, they require higher ISO settings or slower shutter speeds. For this reason I set out to find a portable speedlight solution.


I love my OTG Kit (On the Go Kit). I can grab what I need in one, or at most two trips to the car. (The number of trips depends on extra equipment I might need to bring.)

Hosting Your Session

Hosting your session on our website is a great way for distant relatives to see and order prints. How many times have you had an aunt or uncle say, “We’d like a copy of that print”?