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MoLight AD200 Part II

I finally had a chance to play with the AD200. The AD200 is the other of all portable flash units. Two heads and a rechargeable battery make it very versatile.

Using it in full sunlight wasn’t an issue. It packs enough punch to handle f22 on a sunny day. This allows the simulation of darkness.

Product Review AD200

Time to review a product again. This time it is the AD200. I haven’t worked with it a whole lot, but so far I am VERY impressed.

The first time I saw this was when fellow photographer and educator Michael Mowbray posted about it on Facebook. I immediately took a look at the specifications and said, “I want one!”


As an artist, there are times I paint for myself. You can say I self-commission a painting. That is exactly what I did for this one.

It all started with a desire to paint something that looks like romance novel covers. I don’t read the things, but I’ve seen some very romantic paintings on their covers.

Portable Strip Light

You’ve heard me talk about the IceLight and my under $30 substitute. Because they are LED, they require higher ISO settings or slower shutter speeds. For this reason I set out to find a portable speedlight solution.