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Lightroom Alternatives

Today I’m going to talk about Adobe Lightroom Alternatives. You’ll save money, time and frustration.

Logitech G600

The Logitech G600 is a gaming mouse, and you are probably wondering why I, a photographer, am reviewing a gaming mouse. I will tell you why.

The G600 is a programmable mouse. It has 12 buttons on the side you can activate with your thumb. It has additional buttons on the top center, as well as a third click button on the far right. In other words, it has a LOT of buttons.

hp Spectre x360

A while back Wacom announced 4 new tablets. I watched as the availability dates kept getting moved. Those dates were finally changed to “unknown”, and I gave up and went with the hp Spectre x360.

Macro Tools

Macro Tools There are macro tools aside from a good macro lens.  If you have ever tried to photograph a flower outdoors …