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Get It Done On 31 ™

This project didn’t go as well as I hoped it would.  Brent didn’t find the enthusiasm he hoped for.  While he still believes NY SR 31 is a great road to drive, he’ll only maintain the site until it is sold to an enthusiastic buyer.

The following is provided as historical information only…

This is a combined project consisting of a coffee table book, a web site, and a road tour. You can read more at the web site

Resources Needed: (1) Businesses along NY SR 31 to advertise in the book. See my Kickstarter Page (click here) and the above web site, (2) People to sponsor the publication. See Kickstarter, (3) A car dealer along NY SR 31 who would like us to drive one of their cars in exchange for the publicity it will bring them, (4) Restaurants along NY SR 31 who, during our tour, would like to provide a meal-for-2 in exchange for the publicity, and (5) lodging establishments along NY SR 31 who would like to provide two rooms for one night in exchange for the publicity. Long-term need: Businesses to be listed on the Get It Done On 31 ™ page.

Publicity Needed: Our Kickstarter campaign ends Monday May 20th, 2013. Please share the link with others – especially businesses along NY SR 31.

Participation Needed: Businesses along NY SR 31. If there is a business that is unique (architecture, ambiance, character, location, etc.) we want to photograph you. If the uniqueness is on the outside, let us know so we don’t drive by without noticing. If it is on the inside, we’ll need your permission to enter and photograph through your signing a release.

Get It Done on 31(tm)
Get It Done on 31(tm)

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