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Little Black Dress – Never Tell Your Daughters They Can’t

It was like pulling teeth to find women to pose for this project.  16 wasn’t enough to do a book, and so much time passed, it was discouraging to have to finally stop pursuing it.  Now that Brent is retired, there won’t be any book — sadly.

Little Black Dress – Never Tell Your Daughters They Can’t is a book I am writing about empowered women. The count of participants as of 4/1/2013 is 16 women. The goal is 50 before the book will go to press.

Participation Needed: Women who are, or have, done noteworthy things with their lives. For example, some of the participants thus far have included a mayor, model, school teacher, mechanical engineer, nurse, benefits consultant, Mrs. Washington, and more. I’m looking for doctors, lawyers, police women, women working in fields dominated by men (e.g. construction, mechanics, etc.), pilots, and more.

Publicity Needed: While working on the book, I need help locating participants. Please let people know about this project and encourage them to contact me at or by phone at (315) 226-3292.

For more information, you may view these PDF documents:

Lifestyle Portrait of db walton
Lifestyle Portrait of db walton

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