Romance Novel Covers

Because of a disability retirement, this project is no longer active.  This is for information only.

Sample Romance Painting
Sample Romance Painting

Years ago, I thought I wanted to be a fashion magazine photographer. I’ve seen a little bit of the industry thus far, and although I’d love to occasionally do a magazine pictorial (for a magazine like Vogue, Elle, InStyle, etc.), I’ve learned that my real passion is creating artistic, romantic, seductive, portraits – like those you see on the cover of a romance novel.

For this project, my wife is creating beautiful long dresses. I will photograph beautiful women in these dresses and then render a painting.

Participation Needed: Slender women, attractive, well proportioned, with hair length beyond their shoulders. Participants will need to be measured (1 visit), fitted (2nd visit), photographed (3rd or more visits). In exchange for participating participants will receive an 11×14 or 11×17 copy of the final painting.

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